Monday, August 4, 2014

summer update

It's been a really long time since I last posted = =; Summer at home has been extremely relaxing and I basically haven't been doing anything besides commissions, drawing, and playing games on my PC. Most recently I went ahead and made a TATA order for some doll lashes and some shoes to replace Porii's pair that I lost while traveling around at Fanime back in May.

Took a couple quick snaps with my dad's camera. Here they are with new faces and new lashes! :)

For people who might be new to my blog, this is Polaire! She's my newest doll (arrived March 7th of this year). This is the 5th(?) faceup I've done for her, there were 2 that I did since the last time I posted a picture of her face, but I quickly wiped and redid them for various reasons. I added more detail to her brows this time and changed a little bit of the blushing. But other than that, she's just a slightly improved version of her previous self.

And here's my cute baby Lenoire. She's been with me for a year and a half now, and she deserves a much better faceup than what I did last time (I used slightly damaged leftover lashes for her previous faceup...). I think she looks a lot better with thinner, slightly arched brows and fuller lips. She's also retained her freckles from last time!

August commissions are piling in and I've got a couple bits of business with an interview and a collaboration with a doll convention :) Time to get back to work!

❤ mura