Monday, January 26, 2015

commission stuff!!

Almost shocking that I'm making a post in the same month as my last one, isn't it? I've been working away at my faceup commission business at Darjeeling Aesthetics for roughly two years now, and I'm impressed at how much I've progressed in the time I've taken to really improve my skills. Just look at my first and most recent faceups on my own LittleMonica Sophia!

Good lord look at those messy lines and that eyebrow...
At least the eyebrows are even this time! And the eyeshadow is much cleaner without those unfinished white lines.
Things are going pretty well for me but I think I still have a long way to go. I'm very glad that I've made some friends in the hobby whom I admire for their skills! In fact, I'm about to go into a faceup trade with one of my favorite faceup artists in the USA, mil-mascaras :) I finished working on her Nine9Style Bunny Nine Potpourri and I've just sent her back with my blank Leekeworld Corin head. I can't wait to see what she does with it!

Star child Potpourri!
I've never been able to do a single faceup I liked on that Corin head, so hopefully after Minda works on it I'll finally be able to work on a look and buy her a body so she won't be a detached head anymore. Here's DJ signing off with a bunch of thank you notes!

Thanks for all your support! 我會繼續努力的!!

❤ kai

Sunday, January 11, 2015

+ 2015 doll plans +

Happy 2015 everyone~ I know I'm 10 days late but it's better late than never, right? I suppose you could say I'm pretty happy with my small collection of three for now (that and I'm kinda broke after basically buying two dolls and all their clothes in the same year...) but I do have plans to add to my collection in future. Maybe not within 2015, but I'm probably going to start saving for stuff starting now :')

But first, a height comparison chart! "DJ" (Darjeeling) and Polaire are both dolls in my current collection, and while the stock images on the comparison site look nothing like them they've got the exact same body/measurements for reference. As for everyone else, I'll be introducing them shortly!

"Bee king" (who currently does not have an actual name) started out as a joke during one of my draw streams but I'm starting to really like him? I just drew a guy with really long hair and a hanfu for fun, but the more I look at 古装 for dolls on Taobao the more I want to make this guy a reality. I'm going to have a hard time trying to fit him in with the rest of my collection, but why can't we just have him be someone who spends too much time on the internet researching and cosplaying ancient fantasy China clothes? If I were to choose a sculpt I'd probably go with Little Monica's newly released Grand Harmony Luke. He's on the taller side of things but I might be able to put up with it if it makes him look good in hanfu.

"Bee prince" is based off a drawing I completed some time in October. I did, in fact, continue this as a running bee joke from my experience with "bee king"... except I actually managed to create a definite image for him. His name is Aster Cerana, as in Apis cerana, the Eastern honey bee. Literally a bee. I imagine him to be a snobby little brat, but the same time, I can't see myself having an MSD-sized doll in my collection at all. DIM's Jullis is exactly what I had in mind when I drew that picture, but alas... I'm not sure if 42cm is going to cut it for me. If I DO decide to modernize and size him up, I'll probably go for a LUTS SDF65 Carmine and see if I can do a My Choice to put him on the regular SDF body or Delf body.

And last but not least I've got plans for another girl! I'm so terrible at planning boys because I never intended to have boys in my collection at all, but if it's for the bees I'll do it... Estelle Cerana probably has the highest chance of being bought right now, but the price tag is a pretty hefty one. I'm aiming for a F60 Moe tan Celine from Fairyland and everything including shipping is approximately $670 :') I want a girl who loves pastels, spikes, and skintight clothing and looks nothing like the rest of the bee royal family. I've started an inspiration tag for her, but I have no idea where on earth I'll be able to find actual doll-scale clothes in the style I want, let alone any that fit a 53cm FM60...

...And that's a wrap! There's no way I'll be getting all 3 this year, or even one this year, but I do love plans and I DO love bees. Who do you think I should set as my goal first? Let me know in the comments :)