Wednesday, February 27, 2013

february wishlist

I just noticed I've acquired quite a few followers from when I first started this blog. Welcome to Cafe Amaretto, everyone! Sorry for the delay on this post, I was meaning to do a wishlist post for this month but I've been very busy with schoolwork and midterms and other things, so I haven't really quite found enough time to make good picks until now. I'll be taking a slight departure from my last official wishlist post. Instead of pointing out shops/artists, I'll be selecting specific outfits that I like. All of these outfits are listed on Taobao, so if you're interested in getting them for your dolls, I highly suggest finding an agent to do so.

The first outfit I'd like to introduce is nothing like what I usually pick - it's actually a sweet lolita dress! I purchased a natural-style outfit set from 42workshop before, but as you can see, they're really great with ruffles and pleats too. The Sweet Candy lolita outfit also comes with a set of neckwarmer and mufflers that you can buy separately, and also has a pink version of the dress set. Yo-SD size is also available.

Infinite Love has always been one of my favorite brands for doll clothes, but I think this is the first time I've seen them make something different from their pretty printed kimono sets. I really love this mori-style outfit. All the crochet lace and tulle ♡ (I actually might buy this in the near future!)

Forest Memory Set by Infinite Love

Have I expressed my love for ballerina-style dresses here (both on people and dolls)? Because I love them! This adorable dress set comes with a dress with a poofy skirt, a beige knit sweater, and earmuffs. Winter's almost over so this won't really fit into a summer closet, but I think it's really cute.

Autumn Dress Set by treehouse
This last one isn't an outfit, actually. Miko makes fancy doll jewelry that looks like jewelry for people at first glance. The image below showcases a pearl necklace and bracelet set. Perfect for a sophisticated little doll, don't you think? :) I think the owner only sells the jewelry at conventions though (or at least in very limited quantities on Taobao), so the listing price of 999 yuan is not accurate.

Riviere Necklace/Bracelet Set from Miko

❤ muramin

Sunday, February 24, 2013

daydream sally

Meet Sally by Daydream, my new doll crush. She looks quite a bit like Bluefairy's Tiny Fairy Olive, doesn't she? The lovely girl in question stands at 43cm and her body is pretty similar to the Bluefairy Tiny Fair Blossom body, but with a slimmer body line and double joints. Such a cutie ♡ I think she'll make a lovely candidate for Norvielle (why am I even thinking this far? I still haven't chosen a good doll for Polaire's character yet!)

❤ muramin

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

changes in doll plans

If you haven't met me in person, you probably wouldn't know how indecisive I am about... well, just about everything. I wouldn't exactly call this completely the fault of my indecisiveness, but it sure factors in quite a bit. In my previous doll plan post last month I decided that I'd be getting an OR-doll Eris, but now I'm not entirely sure that's possible given the state of Rene's health and the fact that the OR-doll website is no longer available, so I'm considering my alternatives but I'm not really leaning towards one particular doll right now :(

Just Lilly by gattina2688 on Flickr
LittleMonica Sophia was a doll I was considering when I was looking for bodies for Eris. I think she looks slightly more mature than baby-faced Lenny, which is a good thing. I also really like the LittleMonica bodies so that's a huge plus (and I've always liked LM since they came out with Yuria). Honestly, I don't think I have any cons for this doll - the sculpting is really gorgeous and she's extremely poseable so I might actually go for her. Incidentally, she's the highest priced on this list ;_; $610 including shipping.

Atropa from Spiritdoll
Another doll I discovered while searching for resin matches/bodies for Eris. Atropa has a much thinner face than what I'm used to, but she has a lovely melancholy expression that I really like too. My two concerns: she's a Spiritdoll Proud girl so she is 66cm tall, and by 66cm I mean REALLY tall. I'm not sure I have enough space for that. Her profile also looks a little bit odd to me around the lip area, but it's nothing I can't deal with. $550 including shipping.

Amber by Michiru on Flickr
This last doll has had nothing to do with my Eris body search - I actually discovered her a long time back and have admired from a distance for awhile now. I originally wanted a different doll from the same company, but I decided against it because I didn't like the way her extremely large forehead worked with the rest of her face. Since Amber is also from BeYours, I'm worried she might have the same problem but I can't find any owner pictures showcasing the issue. She's a lovely doll and considerably easier on my wallet than any of my other choices (even Eris), but I'm not entirely sure I want to go for her yet. $435 including shipping.

❤ muramin

Friday, February 15, 2013


Happy Valentines Day from this side of the globe, everybody! I hope you had a splendid time with your gifts and chocolates and of course your loved ones! I'm currently recovering from my post-Valentines chocolate candy mountain coma... I'm not sure blogging around is the best way to go about it though, haha u_u

Today I'll be presenting a Taobao store called Candyland. I believe they only make outfits for SD girls, and in very limited quantities. I do love their style though! If you're a fan of mori kei, cult party, and lolita fashion, you'll understand why I love this shop so much.

 Note: the only one still left in stock is the red sailor set on the bottom left. I hope they don't sell out before I place my next Taobao order :(

❤ muramin

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

mini dolls

Have any of you seen Fairyland's new Minifee doll? My goodness Celine is gorgeous! She almost makes me want to have a Minifee in my doll family again... Sadly I feel like a mature/slim mini girl would look very awkward next to Lenny. I do eventually want a double-jointed immature mini doll sometime in the future though, and sadly that doesn't seem to be a very popular trend among most doll companies. I do know the KDF line from Luts is double-jointed at the elbow, though, so I suppose maybe once my wallet has recovered from buying Polaire, I could consider KDF Nana or Pine? It's going to be difficult trying to find clothing for them though since most companies are all about producing clothes for slim minis now. Plus I don't have a list of shops for MSD size clothes like I do for SD size... Enjoy these two cuties in the meantime! It'll be a long, long time before I'll have to actually choose between them. But just for fun, Nana is on the left and Pine is on the right. Who's your pick? Let me know in the comments below :)

❤ muramin

Friday, February 8, 2013

faceup photos ♡

I just got photos of Lenny's faceup from Eludys today! I'm so happy she agreed to re-do Lenny's faceup after an unfortunate accident that happened in December... I'm just so happy to have my lovely girl back :) I think her eyebrows and eyelashes are little darker this time, but her faceup still stays very true to her character. I'm excited to see her again!

❤ muramin

Monday, February 4, 2013

girly mary-janes

Today I stumbled upon the doll company SC-Doll today due to their announcement about their new BJD sculpt. I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked on the shoe section off to the side! Check these out:

These adorable little shoes come in several different colors and come in both MSD and SD10 size. I might consider buying some for Lenoire in the near future! SC-Doll also has clothes from the wonderful Kagamiya as well, which I might do a feature on very soon. If you're into cute and lacey fashion I suggest you check them out :)

❤ muramin