Tuesday, May 3, 2016

meet tamako!

Through an unexpected turn of events I've managed to secure a body for one of my floating heads, so I'm rolling out the doll plans a little bit earlier than I expected. A huge thanks to my friend sabotendoll for doing this ridiculous FM60 Celine split with me, because now I can finally bring my dream girl Tamako to life!

She's currently borrowing clothes and wearing a temporary wig/eyes but I'm excited to have her completed soon. It just seems that with every new character I make it gets harder to find the clothes I want for them. Essie was already difficult to tackle, but Tamako has to have practically everything custom-made. I'd better learn how to handle a sewing machine!

Here's just a few of the items I'd be trying to make in miniature size:

They're really cute but there's no way I'd be able to get them without the help of a seamstress custom-making them for me, sadly. At the very least she'll be getting her wig and skates pretty soon so I hope to have her basic look ready for an update within the next month or so.

❤ Kai