Tuesday, September 17, 2013

sugar fairy goodies!

I'm actually making this post as a semi-reminder to myself to get cute pastel items for my Dollpamm girl when I decide to save up and get her! I have a lot of things planned out, but I don't intend for her to be my second doll, so this giant wishlist is just going to have to wait for awhile!

All items are from Sunflower Doll on Taobao and for 1/6 Yo-SD dolls! Happy shopping!

❤ mura

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

new shop: promise of the world

I followed this store a while back on Etsy, but I'd forgotten about them until they posted their moving notice on Den of Angels. It's a really cute store with tons of adorable clothes at good prices (if you don't mind $20 EMS shipping)!

I picked all of these items from EasyID's side of the store! There's a lot of sailor-inspired items and I'm really liking the aesthetic. Hopefully I can pick up a few of these for Lenny and her future friends :x But then again I should probably watch what I spend so I can start saving up for my next doll... ヽ( ´¬`)ノ

❤ mura

Saturday, September 7, 2013

goodies from hong kong

I'm back, everyone! Hong Kong was pretty fun aside from the hot, humid weather. I managed to take a day trip to Mongkok to buy some dolly goods! If you want to find doll stores in Hong Kong, you're probably going to have to look in specific areas and know exactly where you're going before you'll find something (unless you're attending Dollism Plus or something). I only managed to nab three items from shops I found in the basement of a shopping center called Ginza. I got a cute knit bear hat and a pair of earmuffs from JR Toys - they're a Volks dealer and have legit outfits, shoes, and dolls straight from Japan! You won't find any cheap things there though. The other shop I visited was e-toys, which was a few stalls away. The lady who works the shop is a Blythe and Pullip customizer, but she also sells handmade outfits for all doll sizes. There was one more store in the basement called Milky Way, which I presume is another handmade Blythe/Pullip and BJD clothes shop, but it wasn't open when I went.

Lenny's wearing a new wig from Kaleido's Sweet Series in ToffeeLatte. Braids make everything cute, don't they? Lenny's also turning one year old in 11 days, so be sure to wish her a happy birthday!   (*^ワ^*)

❤ mura