Thursday, April 4, 2013

beautiful girls

I think a few of you have probably already realized that I'm just naturally drawn to female sculpts when it comes to BJDs. Here's a gratuitous photo post of all the pretty ladies I've been seeing in doll news this month!

Don't you love how they did her makeup? I could totally see this look going on a model or a fashion blogger who likes to experiment with edgier looks. This is Green, from the newly reopened POPOdoll, and her unique default faceup is what really caught me eye! She has strong, yet soft features, and she looks like the perfect mix of fierce and beautiful. 

I'm in love with sweet faces too. Angell-Studio's Lan is a perfect example of the kind of face I would ideally sculpt if I actually had any talent with this kind of thing (or if I even tried my hand at sculpting...) If I had to describe her character I'd probably call her something along the lines of elegant and a little bit on the reserved side. She looks great with both long hair and short hair and aaaah I'd totally buy her if I had the cash =A=

I think I'm starting to notice a trend here, really. When I began this hobby more than 5 years ago I proclaimed dolls from Chinese companies to be much less aesthetically pleasing than say, the likes of famous Korean companies like Fairyland and Iplehouse. What I didn't realize is that there were plenty of other Chinese companies not nearly as well-known as DollZone or Angel of Dream (whose sculpts really just aren't my thing)... and now almost every pretty doll I dig up ends up being from China. Weird how everything I say I won't do/like in this hobby comes back to bite me. Still saving up for that boy doll. *wheezes*

❤ muramin


Tjassi said...

Wow, Green looks really beautiful. Never knew that Popodoll made such pretty dolls.

Heather said...

Not only do I love her edgy green look, but wow, that dress... WOW. I love it!

I'm following your blog, although I *swear* I already was, but now I am via RSS for sure, oye!
(also, I added your links to my blogs :) )

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