Friday, May 2, 2014

sunny day

It hit 90°F in La Jolla today and I thought it was terribly unfair of me to leave my girls in long sleeves in such hot weather. Luckily my rRabit order came in today so I was able to change their clothes and give them nifty accessories ^^

Bought 2 headbands, one plain black and the other with a black bow. When I took them out of the packages I was mildly alarmed at how small they were, thinking they sent me the wrong size, but it fits pretty well on Lenny's head. Weird things happened with Porii though, probably because Little Monica heads have a relative flat top, so the headband doesn't fit too well... combined with the loose wig it's a positioning disaster.

And the rest of my tiny little order is the knee-length green skirt Porii is wearing. It's a pretty comfortable fit; the elastic is a little bit too taut for my liking and the scrunching around the waist makes the skirt difficult to layer under shirts that aren't really baggy and loose, but it's good for tucking shirts into.

❤ mura


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