Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mystery moth at 80%

Ta-daaaah! She is done :) Well, not quite. My friend is sending me some stencils to paint her eyebrows on, the little sequins I've glued there for now are only placeholders for her white star eyebrows I'll hopefully be doing later on this week! Her eyes are also photoshopped since I don't have her Oscar Eyes yet - they'll be here sometime in June, and I'm really looking forward to seeing her 100% complete. This is actually the second faceup I've done on her! Her previous one had a different lip style and white eyeliner instead of black. I've just made some very small improvements including some gold accents on the lips and refined white lace designs around her eyes.

And here's her second manicure! The first one was a lot less complicated - I only had mint nails with golden crescents at the nail base, and the star sequin on each of the pointer fingers. This one's a lot more blinged out :) I also duplicated this manicure on another set of hands since she came with 2 extra pairs when I bought her.

For a secondhand doll I think she looks really lovely! I've put in a lot of time and effort perfecting her look and fixing her up even though I'm already her third owner.

❤ Kai


Ina said...

Wow, shes a real cutie ;3

Carolyn said...

Wow, she is beautiful !
Wonderful face and such pretty nails ^_^

Musume Desu said...

She is looking stunning!!!! Love her style, and can't wait to see her complete! Hope you will share more photos!

Irene said...

Such a lovely job you did! I especially adore that turquoise manicure @o@

The romantic navi sculpt is so enchanting as well~

safir said...

The faceup and manicure are super pretty, such a gorgeous girl! ♥

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