Friday, February 15, 2013


Happy Valentines Day from this side of the globe, everybody! I hope you had a splendid time with your gifts and chocolates and of course your loved ones! I'm currently recovering from my post-Valentines chocolate candy mountain coma... I'm not sure blogging around is the best way to go about it though, haha u_u

Today I'll be presenting a Taobao store called Candyland. I believe they only make outfits for SD girls, and in very limited quantities. I do love their style though! If you're a fan of mori kei, cult party, and lolita fashion, you'll understand why I love this shop so much.

 Note: the only one still left in stock is the red sailor set on the bottom left. I hope they don't sell out before I place my next Taobao order :(

❤ muramin


Wendy Ayche said...

"Cool post!
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