Wednesday, February 27, 2013

february wishlist

I just noticed I've acquired quite a few followers from when I first started this blog. Welcome to Cafe Amaretto, everyone! Sorry for the delay on this post, I was meaning to do a wishlist post for this month but I've been very busy with schoolwork and midterms and other things, so I haven't really quite found enough time to make good picks until now. I'll be taking a slight departure from my last official wishlist post. Instead of pointing out shops/artists, I'll be selecting specific outfits that I like. All of these outfits are listed on Taobao, so if you're interested in getting them for your dolls, I highly suggest finding an agent to do so.

The first outfit I'd like to introduce is nothing like what I usually pick - it's actually a sweet lolita dress! I purchased a natural-style outfit set from 42workshop before, but as you can see, they're really great with ruffles and pleats too. The Sweet Candy lolita outfit also comes with a set of neckwarmer and mufflers that you can buy separately, and also has a pink version of the dress set. Yo-SD size is also available.

Infinite Love has always been one of my favorite brands for doll clothes, but I think this is the first time I've seen them make something different from their pretty printed kimono sets. I really love this mori-style outfit. All the crochet lace and tulle ♡ (I actually might buy this in the near future!)

Forest Memory Set by Infinite Love

Have I expressed my love for ballerina-style dresses here (both on people and dolls)? Because I love them! This adorable dress set comes with a dress with a poofy skirt, a beige knit sweater, and earmuffs. Winter's almost over so this won't really fit into a summer closet, but I think it's really cute.

Autumn Dress Set by treehouse
This last one isn't an outfit, actually. Miko makes fancy doll jewelry that looks like jewelry for people at first glance. The image below showcases a pearl necklace and bracelet set. Perfect for a sophisticated little doll, don't you think? :) I think the owner only sells the jewelry at conventions though (or at least in very limited quantities on Taobao), so the listing price of 999 yuan is not accurate.

Riviere Necklace/Bracelet Set from Miko

❤ muramin


Wendy Ayche said...

"Cool post!
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"Really enjoyed this post <3

Anonymous said...

I'm crying over here because you didn't link to the first shop, and that's the outfit I'd like to see in YoSD!

紫みんと said...

Oh no! Here's the link to the shop: They seem to be all sold out of that outfit, though :(

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