Thursday, July 4, 2013

summer doll crushes

It's nice that I don't have school or work this summer but one bad thing about it is that I get all this extra time on the internet to fawn over dolls that I can't quite afford yet. I'm wondering if you can spot a common trend among the kinds of girls I like...

Top row: Darakbang Remy (1/4), Xagadoll Yan (1/3)
Bottom row: Dikadoll AAAAA (1/4), Souldoll Monique (1/3)

❤ mura


Tjassi said...

I love the new Dikadoll girl! She is just way too adorable.

To me it looks like you like girls with open mouth/teeth? So do I. All the girl dolls I currently own have teeth. xD

Anonymous said...

Much like Tjassi I'm seeing the slightly open mouth as the thing they all share?

I know the feeling of having too much time to spend looking at new dollies... That's why I avoid doll pages these days, haha! (Well, I've got a tab open with the Lati Centaur, but still...)

Irene said...

I have the same problem ~ longing for so many dolls but can't afford any! x3 ~ adorable blog by the way!

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