Tuesday, June 17, 2014

finally home

Just finished my last quarter for my sophomore year of college and I'm home for the summer. I've got a lot of projects slated for the next three months and I don't know how many I'll actually get done, but I'm basically taking this summer to explore my options since my major is 100% not working out for me. My dad apparently bought an engraving machine that should be arriving soon so I'm working out how to work with Inventor/Maya/CAD and a whole bunch of other 3D modeling programs in addition to my own game programming project and LED light-up dress... =A= Also a ton of sewing projects that I'm going to try to do. This summer is full of plans and ambition but who knows how it's actually going to turn out?

In the meantime though I've been unpacking and taking pictures of my cuties finally reunited. The hydrangeas are in bloom and they're a little too high up to fit in the picture but the green still makes a nice background.

Thinking of using these as promo cards for my faceup shop since both my girls now have faceups by me, but I'm no longer in any rush to get any promo materials done. Some plans for Dolls & Party in Spain have changed so I've got more time to work on sponsoring stuff ^_^

❤ mura


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