Wednesday, June 4, 2014

new company finds

I've been browsing around a lot lately and I've found a couple lesser-known dollmakers that deserve more attention, so I've decided to blog about them! First up is a company I've seen partner with OscarDoll a few times. They only have one size of doll so far, but every sculpt and outfit they make is super adorable! Here are some photos from El's Cat:

I don't know if it's possible to order as an international customer since everything is in Korean, but if I ever decide to make space in my doll family for a non-SD girl I would definitely be up for buying an Aoki.

Another company I've recently come across is DollBom, another Korean doll company.  I don't think their English site has been up for too long which is why they're not that well-known, but they're definitely worth checking out! They carry both 60cm and 26cm girls and boys and I absolutely love the face sculpts! The only real drawback I'm seeing is the single-jointed bodies, but if you're not big on posablility, that can be easily overlooked as the bodies are beautifully sculpted as well.

Hope this little discovery post opened your eyes to some new companies out there =3=

❤ mura


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