Wednesday, September 10, 2014

who's that girl?

Just two days ago I placed an order on the SWITCH website...

I've actually already got her first round of clothes from my Taobao order - all that's missing is a proper pair of shoes and some eyes in the right color. I've already got a mori girl/"cute" girl and a fashionable chic girl, so I thought it'd be interesting to try some alternative styles like punk and gothic lolita with this one. Might be a little bit cliche but majority of her closet is themed in black and red, as is she :)

I bought two sets of the school uniform on the right so she and Lenny can "go" to the same school. Looking forward to meeting my new girl soon! If you're curious about my plans for this doll you can go ahead and check out these posts :)

❤ mura


Fantasywoods said...

I had seen the face up mock up on tumblr and I thought it was gorgeous! New dolls are always so exciting *u*
I hope we get to see her really soon :)

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