Friday, August 28, 2015

belated bee news

I can't believe I'm posting twice in the same month! This is pretty novel for me. To be honest, this "news" is actually older than my recent post about Yagi, but I figured since I'm already on this blog finally being active again, I may as well post it.

I received his head about 2 weeks ago from my wonderful friend in Michigan, who managed to nab one for sale from one of the people in her local community. Here's what his first faceup looks like:

It's only his first so it's likely not staying. The eyelashes definitely feel much too long/dense for my taste, and the only reason why they look like that is because my sealant's been getting very gritty on me recently. What ends up happening is me going over my lines over and over again to make them look even, instead of doing light wispy eyelash strokes like I am usually able to. He definitely has the "look" down though! I'll probably do another faceup in the same vein once I'm able to get him a body (I'm aiming for an AprilStory Senior boy body as of now).

Here's another picture comparing him with Polaire, my Little Monica Sophia. Do you like her better with him? Or with Celine? ;) Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: that Celine doesn't belong to me, my friend just let me try the faceup I wanted to do on her doll before doing what she actually commissioned me for. Fear not, I have my own Celine coming sometime in September!

❤ Kai


Orion Cain M. said...
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Musume Desu said...

I think his faceup is great, but I agree with you regarding the eyelashes!
I also think Porii looks better with the Celine head (she was Estelle, right? Got confused with the names). I hope that mid-September arrives soon so you can have her with you!! :D
I look forward to seeing them together!

safir said...

I think he looks better with Polaire :) The faceup seems great~

Irene said...

I also think he looks great next to Polaire, but I also can't wait to see your own tan Celine~ she's such a gorgeous sculpt!

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