Tuesday, August 25, 2015

yagi is home!

What do I mean "home"? I guess I didn't mention it on this blog but I actually sent Yagi off to my wonderful friend Kayke for a little bit of tattoo work! Since she's based off a white ermine moth we thought it would be apt for her to have a moth tattoo. She now has one under her (rather sizeable) bust and I am so enamored with it I've been staring at it and taking pictures of Yagi all day.

I suppose I should probably put a "mature content" warning somewhere on this blog but it's dolls... whether it's box openings or photoshoots there's probably bound to be some nudity somewhere, right?

I also added a tiny bit of extra body blush in addition to the boob blushing Kayke did for me, I just felt like the torso was a little stark in contrast with the tattoo. And now I face the really troubling problem of wanting to keep her naked (or at least topless) to show off that lovely work. :')

P.S. I bought a F60 Celine in tan on layaway so you will probably see some news on Estelle soon!

❤ Kai


Musume Desu said...

Wow Yagi looks even more awesome than before!!! She is so stunning!!!
I also hope Estelle arrives soon!!

Orion Cain M. said...

Congrats on getting Estelle! I'm so glad you were lucky enough to nab her! And Yagi looks freaking gorgeous, no wonder you want to keep her topless/nekkid all the time! The minute detailing of the moth is amazing

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