Saturday, November 24, 2012

closet showcase 1

I bought Lenny a few outfits off Taobao not too long ago and I've decided to show them off in my not-quite-inaugural blog post. the manufacturer (cross church) advertised them as mori girl style, and I think they fit in pretty well. I wonder if Lenny's pleased with her current wardrobe...
first outfit: mint chocolate series retro hair tie set

I haven't made use of the hair ties yet, but I'm in love with the brown outer jacket

second outfit: winged girl set

comes with a handmade necklace! I adore the culottes too

bonus: t-strape mary janes from M.V.S!
I've got three other outfits coming in the mail, and I'll show them to you when they get here. Here's to a quick delivery!

❤ muramin


Jacqueline said...

Hey, where can I find this clothes to buy? and the shoes? very lovely

紫みんと said...

Hello! These clothes can be found on the Chinese shopping site Taobao (just search for Cross Church and MVS). Please be warned that these are doll-size clothes and not for people!

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