Friday, November 23, 2012

doll profile: meet lenoire!

name: Lenoire (Lenny)
age: 17
gender: female
birthday: September 18

hair color: strawberry blonde
eye color: blue-green
skin tone: light peach

occupation: art student/part-time barista
character info:
Lenny is a sweet girl with a sweet tooth to match her personality. When she's not busy working on fashion designs for class, she's practicing her latte art skills at her part-time job. Lenny often finds herself picking up vintage finds for her closet and hopes to someday design her own line of mori girl clothes.

likes: picnics, caramel macchiatos, pastries, violins, cats
dislikes: loud music, eggplants, boys, the color orange

technical info
doll company: Asleep Eidolon
doll sculpt: 冬至 (Solstice)
wig: Kaleido on taobao
faceup: eludys on DoA  


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