Sunday, November 25, 2012

flashback not-friday

Lenny might be my only doll but she wasn't my first. I've been in this hobby for roughly four years, since i bought my first doll - a MNF Shushu. I named her Soyeon because I wanted to be true to her country of origin, and it was a pretty cute name at the time. I figured that I couldn't exactly have a blog dedicated to dolls without mentioning her somehow, so I'm leaving some old pictures here. (keep in mind I didn't really know how to handle a camera or where to find cute clothes at the time!) My Shushu is happily living with a new owner now. I wonder what her new name is?

SY in her safety pin sweater, 2008

the "punk" outfit. do the green eyes look familiar?

first set of clothes I made for her!

purple-eyed cutie.

❤ muramin


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