Monday, June 17, 2013

i'm home!

I feel like the title is rather self-explanatory. I'm going to be crafting all summer making prototypes for dolly t-shirts and accessories (including all those flower crowns I haven't had time to make yet!) I've already started drafting patterns for some of the shirts... If they turn out well, I might be selling a few in my Etsy store!

I'm using paper towels for drafting because they're cheaper than wasting fabric. Go me. I'm basing my t-shirt design off this cute shirt from Japanese brand Candy Stripper, except I'm using real yarn braids instead of iron-on graphics. Figuring out how to make the collar and sleeves fit is currently proving to be quite the challenge... :(

And here's an obligatory picture of Lenny. I tried to mix some of her outfits up a little ... Did it work out?

❤ mura


Tjassi said...

What an adorable shirt! I can't wait to see how your result will turn out. :D
I just started sewing again the other day, for the first time in years.. so far it's not going very well. I need looots of practise. xD

Cute pic of Lenny, I really like how you mixed her outfit!

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