Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lily's Written BJD Prompts

I'm finally done with my final quarter of college for this year! Which means I'll be going home soon and finally getting back to my good old dolly crafting :) In celebration of this and over 20 followers on this blog, I'm going to be tackling a TON of written prompts (stolen from Lilysdolls). Here goes nothing... 

#1: The wait
What are some things you do while you wait for your doll or doll things to come in?
I've answered this one already here

#2: Dream dolls
If money wasn’t an issue, what would be your dream doll to have and why?
Same with this one.

#3: Fantasy dolls
What fantasy creature would you like to see as a BJD?
Hmm... mermaids and centaurs are a little overdone. Maybe a harpy? 

#4: Favorite brand/store
What is your favorite place to buy BJDs? Is it a certain brand’s website? Or is it a retailer like Denver Doll Emporium?
I don't have any actual shops in my area that sell BJDs so all my ordering is done online. LittleMonica and LUTS are my favorite companies, and Mint on Card is probably my favorite retailer.

#5: Dolls in public
Would you, or do you ever take your dolls out into public? If you do, where do you like to go?
I've done it! I took Lenny out on a family vacation, and I also went with her to Fanime this year. I'd like to go outside of the country with her sometime though... maybe Hong Kong this winter?

#6: Handmade VS buying
Do you prefer to buy your dolls things? Or make them?
If it's within my ability, I'd make things. But usually other people do it better, so I buy clothes from independent sellers on Taobao.

#7: Faceups
Do you prefer factory or custom faceups? Do you do your own doll’s faceup?
Definitely custom faceups. They give each doll a unique one-of-a-kind appeal in my opinion. I'm not talented enough to do my own faceups, but I'm working on it.

#8: Names
How do you choose your names for your dolls?
I usually have a character in mind before I purchase the doll, so the name just gets transferred. I usually think up names on my own.

#9: Doll sizes
Is there a particular size that you cling to? Which one and why?
Not particularly. I've only ever owned an MSD and an SD sized doll, and I'm not really sure which one I prefer... They've both got their pros and cons going for them.

#10: Are dolls scary?
Have you ever had people tell you that they are creepy? Have you ever been creeped out?
When I was young I used to be scared of dolls... I also thought dolls were too girly for me! Things sure do change, don't they? I've had a fair share of people tell me that they don't understand how I can deal with BJDs at night because they might murder me in my sleep. I pay them no mind (but I still sleep with one eye open).

#11: How many?
How many dolls do you own? Do you have a max limit (or have you already exceeded this)?
One! I have an ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM of 4. 

#12: Unfortunate buys
Have you ever ordered something and it either didn’t fit or just wasn’t what you expected?
Sadly, yes. I bought a cute lolita dress off the DoA marketplace, but it was just way too loose for Lenny to wear. I might make alterations to it though.

#13: Bonding
How do you bond with your dolls? Do you bond at all or do you just marvel at their beauty?
Bonding? Hmm... the closest I've gotten to a bonding activity is having Lenny sit and model for me while I take pictures of her and make her accessories. And then the occasional Ghibli movie, haha

#14: Selling dolls
Would you ever sell one of your BJDs?
Already did. My very first BJD Soyeon wasn't a very good fit for me, so I sold her to a new owner :(

#15: Skin tone
Do you own dolls with different skin tones?
I only have one... I'm probably going to stick to NS though, because white skin is hard to dress in the styles I like, and tan skin is a little too costly for me.

#16: Friends with dolls
Do you have any friends with BJDs? Have you managed to “convert” anyone?
Not really (would you like to volunteer? :D) I've managed to get a few people interested in BJDs and planning them, but no one's become an actual owner yet.

#17: Favorite eyes
What are your favorite types of eyes?
I love Nyx and Desers glass eyes, as well as Mako eyes. Eyes with a brown pupil are a plus.

#18: Dolls in public
Would you, or do you ever take your dolls out into public? If you do, where do you like to go?

#19: Style
A lot of dolls have a specific style in which they are dressed. What style you like to dress your dolls in, and do they ever change styles?
Lenny is 100% mori girl. But since part of her character involves designing fashion, I might have dress up in her own "designs" once in awhile. What will they be like? Who knows...

#20: Pretty VS poseable
In this hobby you sometimes have to compromise. When it comes to your dolls, do you go for pretty or poseable?
Ooh that's a toughie. I like to go for a balance of both, but if the prettiest-faced doll doesn't have double joints I probably won't be buying it.

#21: Hiding
Do you hide things in your doll’s head or body?
Murder weapons. I'm just kidding. Sometimes if I have an extra head lying around I stuff extra eyes in it. As for the body... that's just too difficult for someone like me to take apart, so nope.

❤ mura


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