Saturday, June 15, 2013


LUTS was one of the very first companies I encountered when I started looking into the BJD hobby, the other being Dream of Doll. Another fun fact - the very first doll I fell in love with was a LUTS Soony. I didn't think I would have the money for her at the time, so I settled for a Shushu from the Minifee line that later got moved to Fairyland.


They sure have changed a lot since then. I'm almost positive that they have a new sculptor, since none of their current doll lines look anything like what they previously had. Not that I'm complaining, though. I really love the faces of the new Delf sculpts they're putting out. Speaking of which, check out these beauties that will be released soon!

Ah... I really like Ju Hee... I can hear my wallet crying already.

❤ mura


Tjassi said...

I think the first doll I fell in love with was a DoD Ducan, which is funny since today I don't like the sculpt much. xD

Wow, the new Delfs look so beautiful! I wanted to pick one that I like best, but I simply can't!

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