Sunday, December 29, 2013

new doll coming soonl!

My goodness it's been a month and a half since I've last posted here! Season's greetings to all of you even though it's already almost the new year =3=

Good news: after doing all those faceups, I finally gathered enough money to order my next doll! Everyone who's supported me along the way, thank you so much for helping me achieve my goals ^^

The order page says it's currently in item processing and Little Monica has already posted a notice saying that items ordered during the winter event period probably won't be delivered until sometime in February. It's going to be a pretty long wait...

Bad news: awhile back I paid for an order from what I thought was a neat little shop called Promise of the World. They have such adorable clothes! I even made a post about them here. All the images are gone because I think they changed their address to awhile ago. Unfortunately, even though my order status was changed to "delivered" on November 18, I still haven't received my package and the seller/admin isn't responding to my messages. I'm not the only one facing these problems, either. Some other folks on DoA made a huge group order and they haven't received any of the items or any correspondence from the seller. We're all hoping that they're just backed up on orders and are slowly working their way through them but with no communication this is very hard to confirm. I'm hoping for the best...

❤ mura


Airi said...

Yay~~ Exciting! Can't wait to see ^^

Tjassi said...

Congrats on ordering a new doll. Sophia is such a lovely sculpt! :D And happy holidays to you as well.

Oooh! Sorry to hear about the missing order. I really hope it turns up or at least that the seller begins to communicate again soon.

Irene said...

It seems we have similar taste! I also ordered a Sophia from LM last month x3 but yeah, around the holidays I expect it to be a bit longer >.<;
I hope you can fix the missing order soon, new companies always seem to be a bit of a risk to order from @@

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