Monday, March 10, 2014

doll profile: meet polaire!

name: Polaire (Porii/Polabear)
age: 23
gender: female
birthday: February 28
hair color: mint green
eye color: brown
skin tone: peach
occupation: department store floor manager (and somewhat of a lingerie enthusiast??)
character info:
Even though her birthday is in the month of February, Polaire is far from being a romantic. She's worked many odd jobs before arriving at her current occupation, and she's not about to stop there - she's got millionaire dreams to fulfill. She often stops by Café Amaretto during her lunch breaks and browses the net for cute lingerie and recipes. Polaire is generally outwardly respectful and tolerant of most people, but she'll definitely give you a hard time if she thinks you deserve it.

likes: designer lingerie and dresses, ferrets, anything with pumpkin in it, piña coladas, $$$
dislikes: summer, obnoxious customers, sloppy style, slapstick comedy

technical info
doll company: Little Monica
doll sculpt: Sophia (small bust)
wig: Leekeworld
faceup: Darjeeling Aesthetics (me!)

❤ mura


Musume D said...

Loved the bio! And she is looking great with that faceup! :3

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