Tuesday, March 11, 2014

march wishlist

Now that I've got another doll in the family it's time to build that closet! I know she's still very new and all but it upsets me a little when I compare Polaire's closet to Lenny's... I'm sure she dreams of having a massive outfit collection to choose from too =3=

So far I'm thinking key pieces will be big fluffy jackets, fit-and-flare dresses/circle skirt, ankle socks, and maybe skinny pants? As for any cute lingerie in the closet, I'll probably have to make it myself because of her unique body type. Not really unique, per se, but I don't have any comparable bodies for LM Harmony small bust :(

Here's the stuff on the list so far:

Fur jacket from Angell-Studio
Summer dress from Angell-Studio
Bouclee knit & leather pants set from Nine9Style

Collar neck dress in navy from Nine9style

Diamond print dress + bolero set in pink from Nine9style

Dot print shirt in pink from Nine9style

I think it's pretty obvious that I can't afford ALL of those, so that means I'll have to pick and choose :( Any suggestions? Tell me your favorite pieces in the comments!

❤ mura


Musume D said...

Loved the outfits you choose! You have ar eally nice taste, and I hope you can get it all!

Irene said...

I love all the pink and white colors~~ x3 Can't wait to see your girl dressed up in all of those things once you get them! I think the A-S stuff is probably my fav. stuff (fur jacket and white dress~ )

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