Monday, November 17, 2014

darjeeling's arrival!

Hello hello everyone! I'm actually kinda sick right now but boy do I have some GREAT news! I mentioned a box opening in my last post and I'm happy to say that yes, I have indeed managed to open a box today. Look who it is!

A sea green box...

CoA & the infamous SWITCH manual! (also heel feet I won't be using)

The bubble wrap mummy...

And the doll herself!
I've also taken a few shots with her brand new Oscar Eyes in. Managed to snag a pair from the San Diego BJD Con I went to over the weekend and I'm so happy with how perfect they are! It's probably not too obvious in the pictures but they have tiny stars in them too :)

I think she's probably going to be my last doll for a very, very long time unless I decide to switch out one of the dolls in my current collection. I'm going to get started on her faceup as soon as I finish making this post so... see you guys when she's all done!

❤ mura


Musume D said...

Congrats on getting her!! So happy she arrived quickly, the eyes looks gorgeous on her! Can't wait to see her faceup :3

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