Wednesday, November 19, 2014

doll profile: meet haerang!

name: Haerang “Darjeeling” Yoo (DJ/”deej”)
age: 17
gender: female
birthday: November 11
hair color: natural black
eye color: red
skin tone: pinky white
occupation: student
character info: Haerang has always had an unusual fascination with magic. Since she was little, she’s dreamt of becoming a witch, or at the very least, a girl with magical powers. Over time her obsession with magic gradually turned into an interest in alchemy - or perhaps the closest thing to it in an alchemy-less society. In simple terms, Haerang is a lolita-loving, tea-obsessed chemistry nerd. She loves her chem lab class even though she’s been told multiple times that a lace-trimmed lab coat with a giant poofy petticoat is not proper lab attire (though she would like to point out that she keeps her hair short so that’s at least obeying PART of lab protocol). She spends majority of her after-school hours at the library or at Cafe Amaretto with a nice warm cup of Darjeeling black tea. She also thinks Lenny has cute freckles.

likes: chemistry class, gothic lolita, obnoxiously large headphones, the color red, hot tea, cute girls
dislikes: school uniform (the skirt’s not poofy enough), uncooperative group members, coffee, dog-eared books, broccoli

technical info
doll company: SWITCH
doll sculpt: Shiho (HD57 B-cup)
wig: FairyWoods 
faceup: Darjeeling Aesthetics (me!)
❤ mura


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