Friday, January 10, 2014

getting taobao orders in

Hello everyone! I've been posting a lot recently and I'm happy I'm finally breaking the long breaks in between posts habit I've been fostering over the past year or so. It's probably because I'm gearing up for my next doll's arrival sometime in February =3=

Her name is Polaire and she's a fashionable, classy girl (at least on the outside). I'm only getting her 3 outfits for now but like Lenny's closet it's probably going to expand into something massive eventually. Here's what I've picked from Taobao for her!

It bothers me a little that the product images are different proportions but I'll have to make do, I guess. I also have a pair of socks and some cute shoes on the way as well. I hope the next Leekeworld GO gets going soon so I can order her wig too!

❤ mura


Andres Blanco said...

Oh The chinese dress is very nice! what's the size you buyed? i have a iplehouse YID but i don't know whats the correct size for her T_T
Nice clothes!.

Kai K. said...

@Andres, I ordered it "normal" 1/3 size, but the seller later asked for my doll's measurements for sizing because they currently only have DD size in stock. You may want to check with them!

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