Monday, January 6, 2014

[review] promise of the world

Hello! I just picked up my package from Promise of the World now that my school's parcel service is up and running again. I have to say, I am very pleased with my order (minus the customer service and the wait). All the clothes were beautifully packed and true to the product images on the site. They're so adorable! I think I have to iron them when I get home though, they're quite wrinkled and that bothers me. Anyway, on to the review!

This is the box I received in the mail, with each of the items in their original packaging. As you can see, they're all individually wrapped in bags with the POTW sticker. From left to right, I ordered
+Mischievous boys and girls+Don't hurt baby birds!, summer's office half sleeve shirt in white, Peekaboo stars rompers in pink, Preppy Navy school bow tie in black, and strawberry skirt in blue. I also found a small packet of candy in my parcel as well. I feel like that's gradually becoming a thing among doll companies and clothes sellers? I remember I got free goodies when I ordered Lenny too...

Here's some coordinates I put together and detail shots. All the clothes fasten with snaps in the back and they fit perfectly! I can't wait to  pull out some of Lenny's older closet items and start mixing them up with the new goodies =3=

While I can't say much for the lack of communication and the unusually long wait for shipping, the clothing I received from Promise of the World is definitely top-notch quality. All seams are finished well and pintucking/tailoring is on point :) If they improve their customer service or find a better business model, I think I would definitely order from them again.

❤ mura


Light Kurokawa said...

I love their clothes, and I've been looking through their website! How much did they charge you for shipping? (Shipping fees always worry me... >_<;)

Kai K. said...

It was about $20 for shipping (baseline)... They used to ship by EMS but now I'm pretty sure DHL is their default.

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