Tuesday, January 29, 2013

bjd addicts writing prompt #1 - the wait

Hey everyone! I'm going to give this BJD Addicts writing challenge a shot. I have way too much time and not enough stuff to do, so why not? :D

In general I find I like planning dolls when I don't have one on the way.

With my first doll Soyeon I was jumping all over the place being super excited because I'd just ordered my very first BJD. I kept checking the tracking number to see where my package was even though I did something pretty unconventional regarding shipping. At the time my dad frequented Korea for business trips, so I actually had FairyLand ship Soyeon to my dad's business address in Korea and asked one of his co-workers to hold onto her for me. I think waiting for my dad to come back from his business trip with my package added another month to my wait? I was still really new to the hobby then, so I tried to pass the time by focusing on my flute recitals and looking on eBay for clothes and accessories (to no avail, $20 for a doll outfit was ridiculously expensive for me at the time). It was rather sad when she arrived at my house because I had nothing to offer her... :/ but I was definitely jumping up and down when my dad walked in the front door with a huge blue Luts box.

I ordered Lenny off Mint on Card before they sent their pre-orders to Asleep Eidolon in June 2012. I had no idea how this whole pre-order business was going to work - I was given a rough estimate for date of arrival, but didn't receive much else in terms of tracking, so I actually had no idea where she was and when I would get her, only that she'd arrive at my doorstep sometime later in the year. This time around I bought a wig, 2 outfits, and pair of shoes as a basic set for her so she wouldn't have to come home with nothing laid out for her. I also browsed for artists to do her face-up,because I had a specific look in mind for her. After those first two weeks though, I just set myself to enjoying my last summer before college and trying make cash off various things to make up for her cost. I forced myself not to think about her arrival because... well... I just wouldn't get any answers about her whereabouts anyway! There wasn't really much I could do while waiting since I wasn't on DoA at the time, so I didn't have a market/community readily accessible to me, so I just tried to be patient.

❤ muramin


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