Saturday, January 19, 2013

ideas for polaire

After a 4-month long debate I think I've finally decided what I want for my next doll. Or rather, after two tumblr polls, asking all of my friends an unhealthy number of times, and a great deal of deliberation I've chosen Eris!

I've got a few qualms about her, namely the problem I have with her ears, and of course the problem that comes with dolls that only exist as heads - resin matching. The current version of Eris that's available has droopy ears that I'm not a huge fan of, but I think they're starting to grow on me. As for the resin matching problem, some kind DoA members have told me that OR-doll NS matches LittleMonica, Supia, and Spiritdoll well, so I've got a few choices. I'm planning on hybridizing with a LittleMonica small bust body though.

Now that I've decided on Eris, I'm going to have to change closet plans too... I had a full set of links for clothes that fit SD16 girls just in case I chose Siean, but I have to go find pretty corset dresses for "flatter" girls... I've listed a few of my ideas below.

Both these pretty dresses are made by ★Akatsuki☆ for Xaga-Doll, and I think they'll fit with Polaire's image pretty well :) I also found these really cute boots that apparently fit SD13 heel feet, which is absolutely perfect! Thinking of getting these in the red-brown color, since black and white are no longer in stock.

Now all that's left is getting enough cash for all of this. Oh boy...
❤ muramin


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