Sunday, January 20, 2013

face-up favorites

I feel like I'm just going to be blogging about things I wish I had while I wait to be reunited with my doll at the end of this quarter (end of March! such a long wait...) Since Lenny's waiting in line for her face-up to get redone, I guess I'll just make a nice long list of face-up artists that I like. I'm trying to learn how to do face-up work by experimenting with Monster Highs, but I'm going to need a LOT of practice before I can reach a skill anywhere close to any of these people's...

Volks Lorina by c a r o l i n e* on Flickr
Viridian House: one of my all-time favorites, but something I'll never be able to afford. I remember seeing her MNF Shushu a long time ago on deviantArt and just being shocked that the Shushu sculpt could actually look that soft and beautiful. I especially love the heavy blushing, baby lips, and delicate hair strokes in the eyebrows.

chloe+sleeping by Rakeru Space on Flickr
Rakeru Sensei: I love her work, I really do. The soft features, light brushstrokes, and well-defined eye creases on her face-ups are really charming and work on a wide variety of faces. I feel like she has a very similar style to superstar face-up artist Andreja, but for a much lower price. She's based in Spain, which is a little intimidating for me since I'm afraid of customs, but I might commission her for my next doll's face-up.

Fairyland (mnf + feeple) by ::suite~ah on Flickr
MOtomi Polkka Field: momochu's skill is very evident in her work (she's worked with HimiMO Antiquity). I mean, look at all that intricate brushwork! Everything is gorgeous, from the well-defined eyebrows to the sharp little lower lashes. While I admire her technique, I'm not a huge fan of one of her "trademarks" - the dark line in the middle of the lip doesn't really quite fit in with what I'm looking for.

F60-Chloe by Xhanthi on Flickr

Jointed Love: Another one of my favorites! I originally wanted Xhanthi to paint Lenny's face-up, but the waiting lines were just so long... What I really like about Jointed Love face-ups is the individual character they give to the dolls. The technique is wonderful too, but what attracts me is the sort of a sweet but sassy feel the looks give off. 

So many choices! So little cash! What do?
I doubt anyone even reads my blog, but for those of you do, let me know your pick in the comments section below! :)

❤ muramin


Anonymous said...

I love Xhanthi! I am friends with her on Flickr and have seen some amazing work she has done. You should see her Mirwens she has painted! But all the ones you have listed are so amazing! Can't wait to see what you do :)

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