Tuesday, January 15, 2013

doll plans for 2013

This year was already off to a pretty bad start when I ruined Lenny's faceup right before January. She's currently getting her face redone and hopefully she'll be back with me by February :(
In the meantime I've decided to think about my doll plans for the rest of this year, including plans for a new doll! I probably won't be able to save up enough money for her by the end of this year, but I sure can dream, can't I...

My current dilemma is choosing between OR-doll Eris and Fairyland Siean, both which are well over $600 with shipping included. With Eris there's the problem of finding a good body to match the resin, and whether not she can pull of the glamorous corset looks I'm planning to try with her. Under recommendation of a fellow DoA member I'm aiming for the new LittleMonica B body with small bust. And then there's Siean. She looks quite a bit more mature, which is more of what I'm going for, but there's the problem of her height, bust size, and price. What do I do??

F65 Siean, Ann by maselanka on Flickr

OR-doll Eris, Wiara 4 by Lialnifri on Flickr
❤ muramin


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